I was 9 years old when I started boxing and I won my first fight at the age of 11. I liked training with my friends at the gym, but after winning that first fight I fell in love with boxing and most of all with the feeling of winning from your opponent, who also trained to win. 

When I turned nineteen though, I found some new prioritiesÖ Boxing was dead. There were hardly any fights out there and I lost my drive. Every other teenager around me was partying, while I was training for nothing! So I joined in. After two years of hanging out with my friends all day long and going out every night I realized that all that fun didnít really mean anything and it definitely wasnít getting me anywhere. I guess I matured and I decided to pick up boxing again, this time for real. 

Boxing was and is my passion and I decided to go for it. In a yearís time I was an A class fighter, winning all my fights and even the Dutch championships. I was also fighting for the the dutch selection. But after a while I noticed that I had hit a wall. I wasn`t selected to fight on the very big championships like the European championships. The level of boxing in the Netherlands was too low for me to move ahead and if I had to explain why the Netherlands havenít made it to the Olympics in 20 years I could go on and on. So I stood still for a while. And due to boxing politics I was not only standing still but went backwards.  

I knew then that if I wanted to get everything out of boxing and truly live my passion Iíd have to do it for myself and turn professional. I wanted to reach the top. And in order to do that, I would have to surround myself with the right people. I broke with everything and everyone holding me back. I took a part-time job as a boxing teacher that I could combine with my training schedule. I had found a great trainer who had teaches me the basics again so all my flaws and things I developed in my amateur days because of the low level trainers here are now gone.. So I developed much since my amateur days, and even went to Prto Rico and the Domenican Republic to train and spar over there, only to bad my trainer I recently had Papi de Palm went back to live in his country of Curacaou. I became a better fighter these last years and I am ready to go in the ring as a profesional boxer. The road to become the best you canít walk on your own. Thatís why Iím grateful to everyone who is supporting me on my road and for their believe in me. Special thanks to my girlfriend Laura, my sister Wendy and my mother Suzanna, my aunt Yvonne and uncle Ronald,  and my dad Ruben Semmoh, who is also chasing his dream as a musician. Check his site at rubenevents.com                                                     


















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